About me

“Delhi ki kudi hu, bhaari sab par padi hu,
Bohut kuch kar dala, baki to-do list main dala,
Kuch alag karne ki dhani, bina bane Jhansi ki rani, par friends bulaye nautanki rani,
Aisi hi life ko jeena, jo ban jaye ek kavitha, jiska naam ho Ajita..!!!”

Well, when I was finding myself, I found my name says Invincible, Unconquerable and a winner. Being quick thinker, creative, versatile nature with desire to travel and act independently.

I am not sure what history says but I found myself as an athlete, friendly and sports loving person. Management professional by profession; love outdoor adventurous activities, like running, trekking, cycling, exploring new places, and meeting new people which keeps me on always. In spare time loved to pen down poems and blogs now it has become a hobby. Most of the time you will find me somewhere outside doing crazy stuffs because I follow “Live Life” - only one we have.

What I write is what I see, feel, talk and observe. I connect and express myself with my words and make my readers feel that too. Keep reading and hope you will enjoy too.