Thursday, January 12, 2017


Art by my friend, 'SOMESH BADAMI'

I am a Delhiite by birth. The Capital of India (well everyone will have different titles though) Studied in co-ed school, sleek and tanned, traveled in DTDC buses, tempo travelers and sometimes walked long to save some bucks. Shy, simple, talk slow, do not hurry; wear full clothes, no jeans, don’t go out alone, don’t talk to boys, you are a girl; were most heard phases of childhood. I am A WOMAN brought up just like YOU.

Well this isn’t gonna end. Yes I am talking about news of Molestation & Rape. Newspaper, TV debates, my FB feeds, friend’s timelines, twitter news, and unwanted interviews of so called great personalities are just flooded with the New Year Eve molestation in Bangalore. For me this is something I am hearing from the time I got my senses, I got maturity.

So it’s all happened in the year 2000-01, a tanned girl, wearing chudidar with duppata longer than her height, as usual went to market to purchase vegetables. While returning two boys on two-wheeler younger than her age (12-15 years) came close to her and the pillion slapped on her ass from behind and zoomed away. She stood grounded in utter shock. Looking at those kids zooming away with a big victory smile she was helpless, then she saw the crowd where few are staring at her as if she did some crime and some didn’t bother at all. Thinking, what just happened? She grabbed her vegetable bag, and walked away looking at the ground hiding her face. She told her family about the incident, and protective family said, “Don’t go out in the evening ALONE”. But she questioned, what’s my fault? Why I cannot go out? Why I should be dependent on someone else to do my work? Nobody in her family had answers to these questions, She didn’t leave this incident as a just an incident; instead she started searching for the answers to her questions.

After couple of months, she was travelling in crowded DTDC bus, returning back from her school, wearing a blue color salwar and duppata with white kurta (well that’s her school uniform).  Suddenly there was a break, and a 5.10ft guy falls on her and says, ‘SORRY’. She replied ‘it’s OK’. And after a couple of minutes, he was standing behind and rubbing his body on her. Surprised, weird, alone, I am just a girl, what I can do; such questions started floating in her mind. Suddenly something else stirred her mind, “It’s NOW or NEVER”. She took her left hand to left shoulder, removed safety pin from duppata, wide opened the pin, held it upside down on left hand, and when he came closer again, she poked it hard on his thigh, and then there was a sound “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

The day after the bus incident, she was confident, proud of being protective and also started being protective of her other classmates/friends. She got answers to her questions, she went ahead learnt more techniques to fight for herself. Thus she became independent proud and a CONFIDENT WOMEN.

There is no unsafe city as Bangalore being termed as. You will find such people in every state, city, taluk, district, and mohalla. Dress, color, caste nothing matters when it comes to molestation. Some related incidents exposed some just shielded for benefits. Being in society you will find blaming someone is very easy. Free advice will pour for what “NOT TO DO”, but fewer hands will hold your hand to say what “YOU SHOULD DO.” You cannot get justice so soon, unless you belong to a political class or RICH.

If you are not RICH, it’s not your mistake, but if you are MOLESTED – it’s YOUR MISTAKE
  • because you are not ready to hit his balls hard
  • because you are not ready to use your body defensively
  • because you are thinking that you are weak
  • because you are motivating these perverts to molest another girl by keeping quite
  • because you are listening to others than your ‘SELF’
  • because you are waiting ‘you don’t have a sister/mother/daughter’ dialogue to work
  • because you are waiting if you scream ‘Bacchao/save me’ and some SHAKTIMAN will come to your rescue  
Dear ladies, there is no such thing that will work. 

These so called ‘useless men’ are not ready to change. Till when are you going to scream, do dharna at India Gate, organize candle light march, change Facebook profile pic, just to ask men to treat women well? Looks like learning SELF-DEFENSE for your own safety is the only option you are left with.     

“You need not be 34-30-36 to lift your legs and hit his balls.”
“You need not be Bruce Lee’s sister to put your finger in his eyes.”
“You need not be like Rani Lakshmi Bai to hold a sword to attack, PEN him down.”

All you need is COURAGE to stand for YOURSELF, your RESPECT, your PRIDE and your RIGHT.

Till the time we get strict rules in our country, don’t give damn to anything. Women empowerment will actually happen when you stand up and fight for yourself. So if you hit your molester, what is he gonna do? Go and complain to Police, but saying what???? I am waiting to hear this news someday.
My only appeal to all beautiful women out there reading this ’TRUST and stand for YOURSELF’. And thank all men in our life, who encourage us, protect us and remind us that there are true MARD also in today’s world. And to all those Molesters, careful the next girl you are going to molest might be one MARDAANI.

To end remember;

“You are an existence of women, who fought for her rights,
You are an existence of women, who climbed tallest mountain to moons height,
You are an existence of women, who made history with her destiny’s fights,
You are an existence of women, who at job worked hard day and nights,
You will be an era to future generations, who will live Molest free life.” 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Yeh dil bhi ajeeb hai, kabhi apna kabhi paraya
Aap ko kya kahein, iska haal bhi toh aap ne banaya
Itni bebasi hui ki kisi ko kuch keh bhi na sake
Aap to yuhi muskuraa kar chalte he gaye
Hum dil ki bebasi aakhon me liye dekhte hi gaye
Tab tak jab tak aap door gum na ho gaye

Fir kya tha palatna hi pada, aur badna hi pada
sab or dekh kar akele chalna hi pada
Aakhon main yaadein liye har pal liye har gam liye
hum to bas aage or aage badte hi chale
Khamoshi ko apnakar, soch me waqt guzara 
Na koi humsafar na sahara, saath sirf apna bita nazara

Aage kya hoga kise pata, anjam se bekhabar
Lagta hai yaado ke sahare ab hoga baki ka safar
Socha na tha ki sab yu badal jayega, rishta yuh tut jayega
Tumse umeed thi kafi, ab apne aap se mang rahi hu mafi
Tumhara zindagi me aana meri sabse badi seekh
Aa kar kuch pal me chale jana sab kuch thik.

Waqt yeh bhi gujar jayega, naya mode fir aayega
Naya rishta ban jayega, koi toh hume pehchaan payega,
Bina kuch bole, bita pal usme simat sa jayega
Nai kahaani fir likhenge, sunenge, aur kahenge
Har mode ka samna himmat se karenge
Kyoki, aisa bhi to hume aapki doori ne banaya.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“Mullyanagiri” The Crown of Karnataka

Monsoon special Dream Trek

The dream start 
Mulliyangiri one of the dream place to visit in my list located in Chikmagalur. The place which is famous for coffee and is known as the 'coffee land' of Karnataka, one of the largest coffee producer’s districts of the country. Mullyanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, with a height of 1,930 metres (6,330 ft), it is the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. Friday night as planned everyone assembled around 10:30 PM at the pickup point near majestic. At 11:15 PM we started from Bangalore with the fear of rain play in our plan. With fun filled night journey we reached our homestay by 4:00 AM.

Homestay: The Wildernest
It was a muddy road of 1.3 Kms stretch towards homestay. Few of us decided to walk instead of going in TT. So we got down and started with early morning walk and reached homestay “The Wildernest”. Our homestay was in the center of greenery, covered with beautiful flowers, cloudy peaks and coffee estates. We can see the peaks covered in the mist, the view which will prompt you to start trekking then and there itself, but we controlled our wild thoughts and everyone went to get fresh up.   
Our Homestay!!
Day 1 Trek
Enjoying at Kalhatti Falls
Our first day trek started late credit goes to the breakfast, so we decided to have next day breakfast outside. We took a guide from the homestay and started our first day trek to Kalhatti Falls. Walking in the midst of greenery, route which is fully covered with coffee plantations, tall trees, we first reached at the small stream of Kalhatti Falls. After couple of photo sessions, covered the small bridge then moved towards Kalhatti Falls. After a prolonged discussion finally guide took us closest to the falls. The trail was more of uphill, sleepery and full of leeches. When we reached atop the pain had complete meaning. Kalhatti falls drops off an overhanging ledge which allows visitors to walk underneath and can have showers. It was just pure, refreshing and worth climbing. Everyone started giving their best possess and few got into the water. “Aaaaahooooo, Yahooooo, wohhhhh hoooooo, haaaahaaaahaaaa” were the screams who got into the falls. :D After spending chilling time at the falls we came back to homestay for lunch by 1:30 PM along with Chaku, our intelligent guide through out our trek and would run and join us whenever we take any group pic. He followed us to the top and guided us like a human. I just loved him, he was so adorable without tail but the other dog was always coming in front of the photo with his tail. :P  

Climb at Z view point

We finished our lunch by 3 PM and moved to next in visit list which was Kemmangundi. “Kemmangundi” a peerless hilly site and is 1434m above the sea level. It was freezing, cold breeze was add on. Hardly we could see anything. After spending quick time there we hurried for ‘Z View Point’. It's a steep uphill trek which leads to the Z point, a spectacular vantage spot at Kemmangundi. We reached the base of Z point and started moving fast because it was almost sunset and also it was leech territory. Few trekkers told us not to climb now because it is around 1.5 Kms from here and route is dangerous to trek in night and we will not be able to make it. Because of time constraint and other team mates pace it was decided to stop and return back. 

In the clouds 'Z view point'
Keeping all this aside myself, Naman and Sant(h)osh wanted to do it and we did it. We covered that steep uphill in mere 12 minutes.  What I should say about the view? This was my thrilling experience. It was breathtaking, serene views from hilltop offering a nice ariel view of the distant Shola grasslands in the undulated Western ghats. The wind force was so strong and dangerous that I was not able to handle my body weight. I have to sit down and wait for the wind force to reduce; I also can’t wait for long enough with the fear of losing line of sight of my other two trek mates. The mist was so thick giving you access to see more or less in 5 meters only.  After spending few minutes we started descending and literally we were doing balancing act while running. One wrong step and you are gone that’s what it takes in these treks. And it took us only 10 minutes to reach base point where others were waiting for us. What next after that? Yeah all stories about the view point. From achievers face you can make out how exciting it was. I can describe it as “I was walking in the clouds.” 

Kallathigiri Temple
Next we visited Kallathigiri Temple. At Kallathigiri, pilgrims love to witness a small temple that is sandwiched between the waterfalls and rocks. Being a quint essential Indian temple, it retain idols and stone sculptures of the predominant God and Goddesses that turns this place into a pilgrimage destination worth a visit. Here someone in group realized that he has got a leech stick to his tummy and the funniest discussion was “Leech trekked from top or bottom to reach to your tummy” :D. Our plaster boy donated lots of blood which scared everyone in the group, and after tea we rushed to our home-stay for which everyone was eagerly waiting to check themselves because of leech attack. After that everyone got fresh up, started with introduction, spending fun time discussing whole day trek moments and after having finger licking dinner everyone retired for the day. 

Day 2 Trek – Mullyanagiri 
Day two as planned started early. All packed their bags and started after saying bye to our hosts. We had our breakfast on the way itself while playing dum charades. Lets see next time how can you enact for Kismat Connection and Chandaal, the funniest part of acting Sant(h)osh would be cursing his Kismat on this. :D With fun on high we reached at a small village had tea and started checking for route to the base of the peak. We got mixed responses from the villagers. Few said not to go at this time, few said you can. We were in dilemma because after this trek we won’t be going to home stay to check where we got leech bite; we have to wait till we reach Bangalore. Finally we decided lets reach the base point and then decide. 
Team 1 at Sarpadhari before start of Mullayangiri climb
The starting point of Mullayanagiri trek is called Sarpadhari. From Sarpadhari, there is a steep trek of 5 km till Mullayanagiri peak which is moderately difficult. There is also a concrete road that goes till Mullayanagiri peak via Sitalayanagiri. We reached Sarpadari at 09:00 AM and divided the group in 2 teams. Team 1 of 6 people, including me took the trek route via Sarpadari and Team 2 took the concrete road. After preparing ourselves we started to climb. Best prevention I came across to deal with leeches during this trek is ‘Salt and lemon.’ 

Slips, steep an awesome climb to the peak
One should be careful while trekking in monsoon; some of the rock patches are difficult and dangerous.  The initial stretch of the trek has some breath- taking vertical slopes those can be a severe challenge for an acrophobic person. We were walking bit slow in group giving support and maintaining line of sight. There were points were it was very difficult but in a group we made it. The breathtaking view of Western Ghats revitalized my strength along with superb team to climb with. Without any halt we made it to the top by 10.15 AM. Pure elements, refreshing and undoubtedly magnetizing that captivate people from every caste and creed. Landscapes and sceneries that are stunning will always strike our mind.

Team rocking at the Peak
With the Temple on the top surroundings covered with mist, temperature varying between 15 degree to 16 degree, wind force at its best, we were celebrating our climb. After 15 minutes Team 2 joined via step route and to their surprise we reached before them. After taking couple of good shots and bit of exploration around we started descending. The step route was also not so easy. One wind force is enough to make any skinny person fly. Well our organizer was with the group and we all reached the base safely. 

At Bababudhan Giri datta Peetha 
After that we moved to have lunch post that we visited Bababudhan Giri Datta Peetha. It is known for its shrine which is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus and Muslims. There were direct steps which lead us inside. Photography strictly not allowed inside, request all travelers to follow this. After paying our visit we moved towards Manikyadhara Falls which is just 4 kms away from Bababudhan giri on the Baba Budan Giri Hills. The view point, the falls was beautiful. The only part that was not going along was pilgrims who come there think that they have to throw away their clothes after pooja as part of tradition which makes that place so untidy. After wonderful scenic view we moved towards Honnamana Halla Falls. Everyone started experimenting with their special stunts including me. Altogether we covered many places in these two days and after dinner around 10 PM we started back to Bangalore and everyone was door drop in midnight.   

Memory to take forward
The long wait for Monsoon trek finally worth waiting the moment I trekked the highest peak of Karnataka ‘Mullyanagiri’. In spite of heavy downpour at most parts we were able to complete our trek as planned and even more than that. The weather was just awesome and it supported us like anything. The mist, cloud, wind, greenery, food, and the group were just perfect. Trekking is one way of meeting wonderful people and I am glad to bug them with my sardar jokes. :P Osssuuummmm experience without a SINGLE leech bite. Rain treks are not easy but it is not that difficult too when you have strong will to do it, so just push yourself. I achieved what I dreamt of now looking forward to climb next in to-do list..!!!

Panoramic view from the peak

Monday, June 10, 2013

Trip to Ramanagaram - WOW special

How will it be when you go out for a trip with only group of female trekkers? I had this dream which became reality on 08th Jun’13 when I planned my first trek as an organizer to Ramanagaram. Ramadevara betta is a hill in the Ramanagara district. It is a Hindu shrine rising more than 3000 feet. Lord Ram is said to have visited here during his 14 years exile. There is a Ram temple at the top of the hill. It will give you an awesome feeling as you approach the hill. It consists of twin hills with caves and huge rocks. It is here the 1975 super hit movie Sholay was shot. And it is also said to be rock climber’s paradise.
Panorama view of Ramanagaram 
The Start
The trip started early morning for me. Got up at 5AM and reached station by 6:40 AM to buy tickets. We three people reached early and stood in three different queues so that we can get tickets soon. Finally we reached till the counter and asked for 6 tickets to Ramanagaram, he said 1000 bucks. We were like, what 1000 na? Ticket counter guy was funny, we were surprised again after getting tickets, that it was only 60 bucks for 6 people. After that one by one other 3 trekkers joined. And we all reached platform number 6 to board our Fast passenger train. As usual our Indian Railways was late and reached station by 8 AM and started by 8:10 AM. Well I guess everyone can imagine how general compartment would be. Thanks to our brave girls Roopa, Vinitha, Jyoti and Chandrakala who managed to get into the train in that crowd and get one upper bunker. The only person benefited was Chandrakala. She just went up and slept. Later one by one we all got some place, squeezed ourselves and sat. 

At Ramanagram
Kaja Bhai with WOW!!!
Finally 9 AM we reached Ramanagram station. After little search found small good roadside shop for breakfast. After breakfast time for tea and no wonder when WOW made Kaja bhai, tea stall owner’s day wow. His face showed that happiness and tea which he prepared for us was too good. When we asked him why is he wearing helmet and preparing tea, he said to protect himself from Sun and heat. We took photo with Kaja bhai and with so much innocence he said TA TA when we left that place. Later we took auto and reached the base of Ramadevara betta by 10:15 AM and started our trek-cum-photo-shoot walk.      

As you walk around you could see many hills and when u reach on top you will have one question “Can we trek on that hill?” Don’t ask me on which rock does Gabbar was hiding, as there were many beautiful hills. We were lucky enough to have glimpse of couple doing Rappelling. We all spent more than 30 minutes just to see them doing this crazy stuff. After that we reached final steps which will take us to the peak. It was scary and we saw guys giving up to climb those steps. Except one, we all 5 climbed and saw the true beauty of Ramanagaram hill. After spending some quality time at the top we returned, on the way having energy bars and other cookies we again took and auto and reached Boating point. But because of rain all boats were already sank and couldn't take us to sink. We sat there for some time had whatever left with us and started our way back to the station. At the station we had formal introduction session, well it was interesting one, guys would not be comfortable to listen so let me stop here only. With the Sun playing hide and seek, WOW completed their first trek of Ramanagara Betta. We boarded 3 PM train, though it was express but it took double the time of passenger. We reached Bangalore city by 05:15 PM and dispersed. I had awesome feeling at the end of trek when I rested my head on my pillow and said finally it happened. :) :) 
"WOW 6" 
For more photos: BTC Album link 

My First 10K Marathon

I always wondered how people run for so long at a spring in mass of thousands. How it feels like being inside the mass, running for cause, for corporate? I got answer to all these questions in my first Marathon. Yeah I participated in 2013 edition of TCS 10K with bib number 8260. 

After registration, the main target was to complete my race. I was least worried about my ranking and timing. Preparation for the run involved talking about it, posting and sharing my intent on Social media, controlling hard on the eating stuff which I like most, and visualizing the runners feeling, when I run with all the amazing people of Bangalore city. The actual physical training for the race was not much. Planned to do practice as hard as I could, but seldom getting time to do as decided. One night before race ate well, kept my gear ready, tied chip to my shoes and slept early. 

Morning got up as early and reached Sri Kanteerva Stadium by 6:15 AM for the warm up session. The race day atmosphere at Sri Kanteerva Stadium was just electric, everyone smiled at each other. The high-octane music inside the stadium, pumping heartbeat, along with actor Rahul bose, Puneet Rajkumar, brand Ambassador Maria Mutola, three time world champion to motivate runners. Everyone practicing, conversing with other runners on to make this run their best run. Number of enthusiastic people participated in all events. Hats off to all participants of Champions with Disability & Senior Citizen's RUN for their high morale in marathon and incredibly over 22,000 people came out to run at the TCS 10K Marathon on May 19, 2013. After warm up session, different categories of race flagged off followed by open 10k race. Young and old, fit and fat, first-timers and veterans stepped out together to run. Distance was never more when we had supporters standing entire stretch just to drive and cheer runners. Folk dance entertainment, runners performing to their music and encouraging them too. Differently abled kids, and other NGO’s running for a cause spreading message and awareness. Costumes run participants running with definitive messages to spread in society. So many people racing together, I saw it live for the first time. People waited long enough to read each other’s' placards. The experience of running with more than 10K people was worth the sweat. Other than the actual run, the causes for which people were running for were really splendid. There were best of the best messages during ‘Majja run’. 

First half of the race was more or less smooth. As it became little tougher, the other participants kept cheering each other to keep running till the end point. Finally I finished it in 01:28:49 sec, not a great timing but a beginning. This is not the end; it encouraged me to bring the best out of me, next time. Yes I will come back and am running all over again. The feeling when I crossed the finish line, that’s the best feeling I had and I know how it feels like because YO! I am a FINISHER. 

Monday, January 21, 2013


Ek Nadi hoon main, apne me basi hoon main
Kahan se chali kahan ko gayi, bass uski hai khabar
Boond boond paani se bharkar bani hu main
Har tarah ke paani se milkar bani hu main
Ek aisi nadi jo chaar deewaron me thi band
Baahar aaungi aisa na tha damm
Boondo ne honsla badhaya, deewaron ne uksaya,
Aur woh din aaya, meine apne aapko baahar paya

Anokha sansar, sapno se baahar, badi haqeeqat
Kahin kho na jaoon? Pehla sawal saamne aaya
Aisa hi toh kuch kar dikhana hai, jawab aaya
Safar bass karte raho rukhna nahi hai tera kaam
Banao apni pehchan, aan baan aur shaan
Taki sab kahain “Ek nadi hai woh jo har paani se milkar bani”

Pareshaniyon ka toh kaam hai saamne aana
Par uske bass me nahi hai Nadi ko rokh paana
Itna kiya majboor ke pareshani bhi ho gayi choor
Kisi ne saath thaama, aur koi gaya apne rahh
Aisa khel khilaya, anjaane shehar me apna ghar paaya,
Kaha “Ek nadi hai woh jo har paani se milkar bani”

Manzil ka pata, pata nahi, raaste ki hai khabar
Raaste mile itne sunehre, ki manzil se ho gayi bekhabar
Har raasta anokha aur use ho gayi meri khabar
Rasta bhi kehta hai khushi huyi ki tu yahan se guzri
Teri pehchan main rakhunga, Kissey logo se kahunga, aur bolunga
“Ek nadi hai woh jo har paani se milkar bani”

Abhi toh shuruwat hai, bohut kuch karne ki chahhat hai
Rukna nahi abhi, bass behte rehna, behte rehna
Samundar tak pohonchne me abhi waqt lagega
Uss waqt ka thikana nahi, logo par jana nahi,
Apna safar bass akele hi karte jana.
Kyunki “Ek Nadi hoon main jo har paani se milkar bani”

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


2010 की थी यह बात, जब पहली बार हुई थी मुलाकात,
सबसे पहले निकले अल्फाज, "क्या मिठाई खायेंगे आप"?

उसको समझ पाने में मुश्किल तब होती, अगर वोह, वोह न होती 
बॉलीवुड डायलॉग्स की महारानी, हर बार करती मनमानी थी 
है वोह साहस से भरी, पर छिपकलियों से डरती थी
शौपिंग की शोह्किन, हर फुटवियर शॉप पर रूकती थी 
मैक चिकन बर्गर की दीवानी, डबल चीस ही खाती थी
न कही बाते पल में समझ वोह जाती थी
मै कितना छुपाती, हर बार पकड़ी जाती थी 
दोस्त नहीं वोह तो दोस्ती की एक मिसाल थी 
दोस्तों के लिए कुछ भी कर गुजरने को तैयार थी।।

बहन का प्यार , माँ का दुलार, सहेली का साथ
क्या कहू वोह सारे बंधन निभाती, पल मे कुछ भी बन जाती 
दिन से रात की मस्ती, साथ बिताया हर पल याद आता है 
बिना टिकेट ट्रेन का सफ़र, डेंटिस्ट का डर, पुलिस का चक्कर,
दिलपसंद से फलूदा, काम बंक कर थिएटर को जाना, 
दुसरो को डराना और भाग जाना, लोट-पोट कर हसाता है
कल हो न हो जीले जरा हर पल केहते जाता है    
आज पास न होकर भी वोह पास है, वही अपनों जैसा एहसास है 
याद बहुत वोह आती है, कभी रुलाती तोह कभी हँसाती है।।

कभी कोई अपने तो कभी अपने पराये बन जाते 
कुछ यादें और कुछ सबक बनकर रह जाते
सोचती हु अगर वोह न होती तो क्या होता, सब अपना कब लगता
आगे बढने को कौन बोलता, कौन टोकता 
ख़ुशी हुई की मैंने एक ऐसे दोस्त को पाया 
जिसने हर तरह से हर जगह मेरा साथ है निभाया 
दोस्ती क्या होती है आओ हम बताते है, ऐसा ही कुछ उसने कर दिखाया।।

Dedicated to my closest friend "Soumya Kori" 
Keep laughing Soumiii !!! 
Love you always :)

Here is Birthday surprise Video 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Night of Wine

It was an unplanned night where we made a sudden plan to watch a movie “MIB 3” which got over by 12.15 midnight. After that we started moving to the room. It is a pleasant experience to walk in the midnight with friends, better than watching a movie I would say. My friend said “you want to get drunk once right, today is the opportunity ;-) . We all are going to drink you can also try”. I looked at him and started thinking over it. We were laughing, talking, commenting, enjoying and walked till we reached home. Silently, we made it inside the house, and after reaching everyone started making things ready for the night. I went to wash my face and looking at the mirror said to myself “what an interesting night this is gonna be.” J

Before they could start, as a precaution, I wrote down all my priority to do’s for next day so that nothing gets wiped off from my mind once I get drunk. We sat on the floor, plates in the center, with tandoori chicken, biryani and all the available “STOCK” along with the stylish glasses. All set to start. All were staring at me because I was the new kid over there. First he poured little Scotch with two cubes of ice in my glass, and other drink for them. I took the glass in my hand; as everyone said cheers and started drinking, I was just like a statue, sitting in the center holding glass in my hand and looking at everyone. My friend gave weird expression to me, as if drink tastes really bad. I was looking at him and he started scaring me more. After that they all started looking at me with nodding head and said “hmmm hmmm” and now it was my turn to taste, they already finished their first glass. I closed my nose with my left hand and drank first sip of Scotch. Yakkkkkkk!!!! It was really bad. My mouth was big wide open, tongue out and I started coughing. Very bitter and I started thinking how people drink it’s so bitter! My throat and chest were burning. Something was happening inside. I Started eating chicken with green chutney, ate onions then water just to change my taste. I don’t know how to enjoy that thing and drink. He showed me how to drink and said “take small sips and enjoy don’t drink much at once.” But it was so bitter how I will do that. Funny, right? but yes I drank the way he said and finally finished it.

I was still not able to forget that taste. Ate chicken with more of chutney. Then he gave me wine. It was “Port Wine” grape flavor; red in color smelled better than scotch. I was remembering the sip of Scotch and thinking what if this also tastes same, whole body was shaking with that feeling and after that I took the first sip of wine and I liked it. J He asked me “how is it?” I said “Yeah, I liked it, sweet it tastes good.” To get rid of the Scotch taste and relief my throat I started drinking fast in smaller intervals. One glass over started having second one. At the end of the second one he asked me, “Are you ok?” I said “Yeah I am ok, feeling better.” He asked “you are not feeling sleepy or heavy.” I said “no” then he said, “Drink one more because no use if you don’t get the feel that you are drunk.” I drank one more glass. Yeah, three glasses of wine and little scotch in my first time. Then the real fun started. I was too too high, in Hindi “full talli.” Not able to sit straight at one place, falling here and there and rolling. Everything was shaking in front of my eyes. It was full of laughing session, I was talking so much, non-stop, though not much difference when I am normal J and on top of that whenever I start laughing they would close my mouth, because my sound was so loud that the room owner will come to know about the happenings of upstairs. I just loved it.

At 2:30 AM everyone thought of drinking tea. Night 2:30 AM only we four were walking towards main road in search of tea shop. We reached main road but couldn't find any open stall. Then we started coming back. Both the sides they were holding my hand so that I should not lose my balance and walk comfortably. I was continuously talking, laughing and telling all unwanted stuff. They still haven’t told me what I actually uttered that day J J. I was feeling as if I am on air just flying not walking, feeling so light. It was wonderful, I felt the beauty of the night was sinking in; I had my friends trying to keep me safe during the walk. We reached and started getting ready to hit the bed. I was laughing and not sleeping. Everyone was telling “you are more drunk relax and sleep now.” But I was in my own world. I don’t know when I slept, morning got up with a question “What happened last night?, what did I do?” J J J J J

While in this experience I got to know many things about drinking and ways of drinking, I also learnt other things from my friends worth sharing.

  • A glass of wine weekly, good to keep you healthy and your heart pumping. It is better not to go over this limit J
  • Should never drink after having food, you might puke and might not get drunk.
  • Never drink at once, it will give you immediate strong kick.
  • If you skipped your lunch then one glass of wine in night will make you high.
  • If you drink in excess and puke, whole night will be sleepless it will even spoil your next day.
  • Wine tastes too yummy with cheese, haven’t tried it yet? please try once J

My first experience was wonderful because I tried it with good people. Except Scotch, no bitter experience. J J I might have troubled my friends that night but still today they discuss and share only the funny parts. They don’t miss chance to tease by saying “Grape Juice” J You may think after drinking so much I still remember everything, frankly many things I said above I wasn't remembering when I got up next day. It was my friend who made me to recall everything. While drinking listen to your friends who care for you, better be safe than sorry.

In the company of Fantastic Four (including me) I had my first adult beverage drinking experience and finally I don’t have to wonder anymore how it actually tastes like?!!  JJJ

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Extravaganza “Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu”

30th Oct 2012 to 04th Nov 2012

Start of yet another memorable trip to the nature with BASC. Being a Tamilian cum North Indian first time I crossed the border of Tamil Nadu, happiest me.J J J 

Difficult to forget the night I was starting for this trip. Heavy rain in Bangalore, which took almost 2 hours to reach pick-up point, actual time would take 15-20 minutes from my place. Time when Tamil Nadu was hit by Nilam, though the place was more than 7 hours away from Kodai, but close ones still cares. Messages and calls flowing into the mobile with strict instructions like, “take care, be safe, message every day, call every day, don’t go much closer to water, can’t you cancel this trip, be with group, if problem increases be at hotel, etc.”  Flow of water was reminding me of Kudremukha trek. I was pushing myself against the direction of wind and moving. And finally reached, after boarding ourselves and cycles we moved around 12 AM (supposed to start at 9:30 PM) credit goes to rain.

Day One: Early morning Surprise!!! Morning we reached Palani, the weather was opposite of what we faced last night. NO rain at all. Cool weather with little shine and clouds made the night trouble worth facing. J I called up my friend to say we reached safely and got to know in Bangalore it was still raining. Everyone started getting freshen up and this Tamilian started reading Tamil written on the shops, buses etc. listening to the people and observing their accent, looking all the places with curiosity and feeling happy. J After all got freshen up we went to have breakfast and it is fun when you know the language and others not, you can imagine how much fun one can have. I had extremely extra lot J J J

After breakfast it was time to start the challenging ride. From Palani to Kodaikannal 57km which was uphill, uphill and uphill. J An interesting ride into the greenery through the clouds was an extravaganza. People rightly termed it as honeymooner’s place. After group pic everyone started their ride. I was lone non cyclist, left behind with the vehicles and 2 drivers in midst of beauty. But I am not a girl to sit quite at one place. Informed driver anna, took camera and started walking. In my 2 kms of walk I saw Lady cutting wood, kids collecting coconuts, old lady fetching water, a man working on his hut, family sitting in front of house speaking, dogs gazing at me, Elephant crossing the road going inside the forest, 2 men sitting road side listening to radio. This was the walk worth walking. I was the center of attraction for them for me entire thing. I returned back to the vehicle and we started towards Kodaikannal. Good thing driver Anna knew Tamil so I didn't have any problem in communicating. If you see from down it looks clouds covering entire mountains and when we were going up it was literally riding through the clouds. Chillness was increasing as we were going up. I asked driver anna to stop at tea point. We stopped, had tea and waited for others to pass. Actually I was getting tea shop business done by standing there. Whoever comes I will take them to the same shop and with everyone I too will have tea. Like this I had 7 cups of tea. J J
After that we started again and at last reached Kodaikannal city. Now the next target was to find place to crash. Before everyone reaches the city we should be able to finalize some place. Driver Anna knew one person who was in charge of one homestay. He took us to that place and after long time of bargaining he agreed. I must say the homestay was too good with all amenities and the caretaker was one old grandpa. Meanwhile Vinay and Dattu reached city at the church road  and wanted to reach the place sooner as they were shivering from cold. That time still the negotiation was going on. I decided to take jacket and pick them up. Ambi gave me his torch and then I started walking towards the church. Road was dark and calm, sound and light comes only when any vehicle pass by that route. On that road I was just running and running. Finally reached and on the way back to homestay felt yes it is very dark and I ran alone on this road. Luckily didn't come across any animal or Bison’s otherwise my running speed would be faster than cycling J J after this everyone else reached and we all finished our dinner and went to bed.

Day two: Thanks to Ambreesh, where I got chance to ride and experience the beauty of nature. Track full of greenery, fog, tile track along with concrete track, uphill, downhill, curves and jovial group to ride with. Ride started from the home stay to first visit Coaker’s Walk. It was mesmerizing and fully covered with fog. As soon as we entered inside a guy was shouting, “Fall view, village view, school view only 3 rupees telescope view” so Myself, Sarvesh and Viswa went to see that. But couldn’t see clearly because of the fog which covered everything, I could only see the village but nothing else. Viswa’s question there “We can’t see anything, will he give our money back or next round when we come back?”  J By the time we finished our sightseeing it was time to have lunch. We went down the hill for lunch. After lunch it was time to get into the greenery and cool air towards other attractions. Next we visited to Pillars rocks. The Pillar rocks are three granite boulders which are seen standing vertically shoulder to shoulder. It was difficult to get the exact view of all the three because it was very misty and rocks were fully covered by it. For seconds it will get clear and then again it will get lost in the mist. We saw the beauty of pillar rocks while coming back after finishing our day’s ride. It was beautiful. Vertical pillars standing together and adding beauty to the rest of the mountain ranges. One must see with their eyes to experience such beauty.

Next we went ahead to Guna Cave. Guna Cave is formed between the two Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal. After purchasing tickets, we started walking inside; it was more like mini forest. Calm place with little darkness and little sunshine falling on us and color of trees as light orange were the first things I noticed as I entered. After a walk of 5 minutes we reached the outer view of the cave where grills were placed and visitors are not allowed to go beyond that. We tried to go little more up to see the suicide point but we were not allowed by the forest official, may be because more suicides are happening nowadays. J So we came back and waited for our entire group to reach. Later when our entire group came the forest official came to us and started talking. He was a friendly guy and from Karnataka too so got mingled with us. Which was one plus and he asked us whether we would like to see the Cave from inside, on one condition that no girls should come inside. I asked about me, that time I got the funniest reply “You are not looking like girl only you can come.”  J We jumped over the fence and he took us all inside to have a closer view of the cave. We all stopped at the last point. From that point we can see way to go ahead between the rocks but it was dangerous. That place was cool and water was dropping, which may be mist hitting the rocks. After that we started back and security guard told us not to tell the gate guard that they allowed us inside as we crossed the time limit also some other rules and regulations too. J

After we reached entrance now plan was to go ahead but security guards said not to go at this time as it was getting dark. We decided to turn back to the base, crash to the bed and get charged up for next day. So we all started heading back to our sweet homestay. We were riding first to be first. It was awesome enjoying downhill, super curves and evening beauty of the nature. But this enjoyment didn’t last for long and everything was stand still as I met with an accident on one of the curves. Early in the morning I came to one route and while going uphill I decided I will take my friends via that route so that we will reach sooner than others. Coming back saw that shortcut which Viswa had already passed, so I was looking at him and at the shortcut also. Got distracted badly, riding downhill with full speed, missed the curve where I should take turn, lost my balance completely. Immediately can’t apply brakes too as it is also dangerous. For fraction of seconds got balance then again lost it and fell down from the cycle. Sarvesh was the person who saw live action he was riding behind me. Till the time I was losing my balance I remember I am about to fall but what happened after that I don’t remember I was un-conscious. After that I remember somebody is shouting, “Ajju, Putta, open your eyes, nothing happened you are alright, I am here.” When opened my eyes saw that was Sarvesh, he was holding me in his arms, Viswa took my shoes off and he was rubbing my legs, somebody spraying water over my face and lots of crowd. I was motionless not able to move any part of my body. When they started to take me into the vehicle to hospital that time, the places where ever they were holding it was badly hurt and paining. My shoulder was motionless. Somehow with the help of six people I was carried into the vehicle and taken to the hospital. In the hospital, only I knew the language Sarvya and Viswa were not able to explain clearly to the nurses. Three Nurses were attending me and good thing after sometime I was back to normal and could speak and explained them the incident and pain. After that burning sensation of cleaning the wounds Mr. Krishna Kumar, Dr. at KHMS came to see and advised for arm and shoulder X-Ray. Others too came to see me as they got the news that I am at hospital. While going for X-ray Dattu’s comment “Welcome to the Group, now you are also an expert cyclist.”  J Yeah it was funny and made me smile again. After X-ray, results revealed, luckily result was negative. No fracture, but advised to wear arm sling for 2 days. After that came back to homestay where other people were eagerly waiting to see and know how I am now. As usual I said “Bindaas, I am too good.” That day I was very weak and not able to balance my weight. Thanks to Sarvesh and Viswa who were there with me through out and Vinay, Dattu for helping me with whatever I need. Rest everyone for their motivation J

Day three: No cycling for me. I was able to walk next day was big thing for me. I was in the vehicle, having only window view. Even Sarvesh didn’t ride, he was in the vehicle for that day. Ambeeresh Hercules was also retired hurt so he was riding Sarvesh’s trek. And I still feel I missed the best ride day of the trip. Route covering greenery, plantation, villages, and waterfall towards Berijam Lake. Got down from the vehicle and opted for a walk of 2 kms. Walking noticed such big trees, different bird’s sounds, village view from the top, freshness of that place was so refreshing. Just felt to be there only and keep feeling that freshness. Meanwhile our vehicle came and we started moving ahead. After having lunch in route we moved ahead towards lake. At the entrance of the forest our vehicle stopped as gate was closed only cycles could go ahead and everyone went inside the forest. We stayed at the entrance as decided but who stays idle in that kind of environment. J Myself, Sarvesh and driver Anna started walking inside the forest. After 20 minutes everyone returned back because we didn’t have permission to go via forest. Forest officer came and advised us not to venture inside as it is extremely dangerous to go via cycle. Except lion rest all animals are here. So now again time was to go back to homestay, eat and sleep.

Day four: Nothing thrills anyone than riding downhill. This time Dattu, Rudra and I were in the vehicle and rest everyone started riding. After finishing ride by noon everyone assembled at common point started boarding cycles to be back to Bangalore. After taking fun videos and photos to tease and pull each other’s leg all were back on landing gear. Some snoring, listening to music, messaging, singing, cracking jokesJ It was one of the wonderful groups where everyone was getting mingled and they were supportive too. I must say organizers were too good, helpful and made us to have yummy and tummy full food on all days. J

Though I missed disturbing many people, missed beautiful ride and fun of next two days I still had fun with the group on silent mode. Will make sure I do remaining things in my future trips if I am not getting retired hurt. Well Kodaikanal made me now a certified cyclist. J J

Cheers!!! J J J