Friday, December 7, 2012

Night of Wine

It was an unplanned night where we made a sudden plan to watch a movie “MIB 3” which got over by 12.15 midnight. After that we started moving to the room. It is a pleasant experience to walk in the midnight with friends, better than watching a movie I would say. My friend said “you want to get drunk once right, today is the opportunity ;-) . We all are going to drink you can also try”. I looked at him and started thinking over it. We were laughing, talking, commenting, enjoying and walked till we reached home. Silently, we made it inside the house, and after reaching everyone started making things ready for the night. I went to wash my face and looking at the mirror said to myself “what an interesting night this is gonna be.” J

Before they could start, as a precaution, I wrote down all my priority to do’s for next day so that nothing gets wiped off from my mind once I get drunk. We sat on the floor, plates in the center, with tandoori chicken, biryani and all the available “STOCK” along with the stylish glasses. All set to start. All were staring at me because I was the new kid over there. First he poured little Scotch with two cubes of ice in my glass, and other drink for them. I took the glass in my hand; as everyone said cheers and started drinking, I was just like a statue, sitting in the center holding glass in my hand and looking at everyone. My friend gave weird expression to me, as if drink tastes really bad. I was looking at him and he started scaring me more. After that they all started looking at me with nodding head and said “hmmm hmmm” and now it was my turn to taste, they already finished their first glass. I closed my nose with my left hand and drank first sip of Scotch. Yakkkkkkk!!!! It was really bad. My mouth was big wide open, tongue out and I started coughing. Very bitter and I started thinking how people drink it’s so bitter! My throat and chest were burning. Something was happening inside. I Started eating chicken with green chutney, ate onions then water just to change my taste. I don’t know how to enjoy that thing and drink. He showed me how to drink and said “take small sips and enjoy don’t drink much at once.” But it was so bitter how I will do that. Funny, right? but yes I drank the way he said and finally finished it.

I was still not able to forget that taste. Ate chicken with more of chutney. Then he gave me wine. It was “Port Wine” grape flavor; red in color smelled better than scotch. I was remembering the sip of Scotch and thinking what if this also tastes same, whole body was shaking with that feeling and after that I took the first sip of wine and I liked it. J He asked me “how is it?” I said “Yeah, I liked it, sweet it tastes good.” To get rid of the Scotch taste and relief my throat I started drinking fast in smaller intervals. One glass over started having second one. At the end of the second one he asked me, “Are you ok?” I said “Yeah I am ok, feeling better.” He asked “you are not feeling sleepy or heavy.” I said “no” then he said, “Drink one more because no use if you don’t get the feel that you are drunk.” I drank one more glass. Yeah, three glasses of wine and little scotch in my first time. Then the real fun started. I was too too high, in Hindi “full talli.” Not able to sit straight at one place, falling here and there and rolling. Everything was shaking in front of my eyes. It was full of laughing session, I was talking so much, non-stop, though not much difference when I am normal J and on top of that whenever I start laughing they would close my mouth, because my sound was so loud that the room owner will come to know about the happenings of upstairs. I just loved it.

At 2:30 AM everyone thought of drinking tea. Night 2:30 AM only we four were walking towards main road in search of tea shop. We reached main road but couldn't find any open stall. Then we started coming back. Both the sides they were holding my hand so that I should not lose my balance and walk comfortably. I was continuously talking, laughing and telling all unwanted stuff. They still haven’t told me what I actually uttered that day J J. I was feeling as if I am on air just flying not walking, feeling so light. It was wonderful, I felt the beauty of the night was sinking in; I had my friends trying to keep me safe during the walk. We reached and started getting ready to hit the bed. I was laughing and not sleeping. Everyone was telling “you are more drunk relax and sleep now.” But I was in my own world. I don’t know when I slept, morning got up with a question “What happened last night?, what did I do?” J J J J J

While in this experience I got to know many things about drinking and ways of drinking, I also learnt other things from my friends worth sharing.

  • A glass of wine weekly, good to keep you healthy and your heart pumping. It is better not to go over this limit J
  • Should never drink after having food, you might puke and might not get drunk.
  • Never drink at once, it will give you immediate strong kick.
  • If you skipped your lunch then one glass of wine in night will make you high.
  • If you drink in excess and puke, whole night will be sleepless it will even spoil your next day.
  • Wine tastes too yummy with cheese, haven’t tried it yet? please try once J

My first experience was wonderful because I tried it with good people. Except Scotch, no bitter experience. J J I might have troubled my friends that night but still today they discuss and share only the funny parts. They don’t miss chance to tease by saying “Grape Juice” J You may think after drinking so much I still remember everything, frankly many things I said above I wasn't remembering when I got up next day. It was my friend who made me to recall everything. While drinking listen to your friends who care for you, better be safe than sorry.

In the company of Fantastic Four (including me) I had my first adult beverage drinking experience and finally I don’t have to wonder anymore how it actually tastes like?!!  JJJ


  1. Ajita Its really funny your first time adult drink experience,After that how many time you try to drink scotch and wine.

    1. Thank you Suresh..After that no Scotch for me but i did tried Germany PINK wine ;)

    2. Ajju.....Awesome!!! I just recollected the incidents which happened during my first drink.....on reading this,just couldn't stop laughing!!!It is a great feeling....yeah as you said "Try it with your closed ones"!! :-) | LIVE LIFE...after all it is just once!

    3. Thanks Vinii..Yeah it is one of the life time experience which I got. So happy to know that you enjoyed reading my blog. And I very much agree with what u said, Lets Live after all it is just once..Lets Rock it!! :)